Personal data

In addition to your e-mail address, the following information is saved: The date your account was created, your logins (IP address and time), your method of payment and your test results. The reason for the information storage is that it enables you to use the service. It also enables customer services to help you if you have, for example, forgot your password.

If you have purchased an activation code from a retailer, the retailer is able to see your e-mail address, your name (if you enter it), the date your account was created and its expiry, when you last logged in and your test results. The retailer is able to delete statistics and can enable you to delete statistics.

For security reasons, your password is made illegible during registration with the use of a cryptographic hash function. Not even a server administrator with full authorisation is able to see your password.

Contact customer services ( if you want to know what we have stored about you or if you want your details removed.

Payment and validity period

Immediately after your payment, you should be able to log in to and start using the service. Contact customer services ( if you are unable to log in directly after payment.

The period of validity on an account is unlimited.

As the service consists of digital content and automatically commences immediately after payment, you have no legal right to cancel the purchase.

In the event of ambiguity or disputes concerning the service, you should first turn to’s customer services ( The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) and the EU ( offer alternative dispute resolution in cases which cannot be resolved via's customer services.

Technical requirements and limitations

Access to cannot always be guaranteed. Server maintenance and unforeseen events may mean that it is not always possible to use the service. During the period 2020-01-01 – 2021-01-01, the website was available 99.99% of the time.

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